Upgrading your office?

Moving into a new workspace?

Fitting out an office used to mean out with the old, in with the new; furniture often being treated as a disposable item in the process. But office refurbishments can be both financially and environmentally costly, and if you’re a small business or a new start-up, you’ll be trying to find the most affordable way to furnish your office without losing out on quality.

Fitting your office with used furniture is a great way to make your money go further, and that’s just one of the reasons people choose used furniture over buying new.

Affordability isn’t the only benefit to second hand furniture. Take a look at our list below to discover seven reasons why reuse is the future of office refurbs.

It’s cost-effective

Used furniture is a brilliant solution for businesses that are looking for great office kit but can’t afford to buy everything new. Second-hand goods are a fraction of the price of new items — you can even get them for free! — so you can refurbish or kit out your office without breaking the bank.

The money you save can instead be invested in other business activities or used to create better break-out areas for your staff, so everybody’s happy.

It’s environmentally friendly

Millions of tonnes of office furniture are thrown away in the UK each year. By extending the life of a perfectly useful product, you are preventing something going to landfill or incineration, in turn, saving the energy and raw materials it would have required to make something from scratch.

While recycled furniture is better than buying something brand-new, reuse is the most eco-friendly option for your business as it saves the resources needed to dismantle and re-manufacture products.

You can get great quality stuff

A lot of furniture is barely used before it’s disposed of, so you can get items which look new for very little cost. Large companies in particular tend to refresh their office furniture regularly, which means that second-hand office kit is still in keeping with modern styles and trends. In some cases, the second-hand furniture you get will be from brands that might otherwise be out of reach.

You can get it faster

Some furniture stores will take up to six weeks to ship your products — in comparison, you can often get used goods within the week or even on the same day. You won’t have to spend time assembling furniture either as used kit is pre-assembled, making it a good option for when you’re pushed for time (or really just don’t fancy spending a few hours with an allen key).

Upcycling is where it’s at

Used furniture offers a good opportunity to upcycle and customise items. For instance, you could use the money you’ve saved by picking up used furniture for free to reupholster a chair or add a personal touch to a table. Upcycling like this will allow you to create a bespoke piece that fits your business’s personality.

It’s great for one-offs — and with Globechain, you can get matching furniture too!

Second-hand stores and upcyclers offer a great solution for offices that are looking for a unique, one-off piece, but sometimes people feel that if they want to do a refurbishment that requires multiple of the same items, they have to buy their furniture new. However, the major corporations, retailers and five-star hotels who donate their unneeded furniture to Globechain often give away dozens of the same desks, chairs, etc. at once, allowing you to take and refurbish your office with professional-looking, matching kit for free.

You can make sustainability part of your brand

When you use pre-owned furniture and become part of the circular economy, you’ll be joining an increasing number of businesses that are becoming commercial with a conscience® and making sustainability part of their brand. Reusing office kit might kickstart other sustainable practices within your business — and you can attract new customers and improve customer loyaltyby demonstrating your environmental responsibility.

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