Charity fundraising is no easy task. With so many good causes to support it can be overwhelming for donors to choose, but there are many ways that charities can raise (or save) money, aside from asking for cash donations.

Cash is king. So is saving it.

One way you can make the cash donations you do get go a bit further is by reducing the operating costs for your charity. Fitting your offices with used furniture and technology is one great way you can do this.

Host an event

Music, dancing, dinners, casino nights, you name it. Give your donors something fun to do while supporting your cause can make charity fundraising that little bit easier.

Partner with local businesses

Partnering with a local business to promote your charity or have a portion of proceeds from specific sales be donated can be a great way to reach new donors and raise money for your charity.

Organise a car boot sale

Charge a fee to sellers and set up your own items that have been donated or found on Globechain’s reuse marketplace. This is a great way to raise money for your charity and reduce that number of items being recycled or sent to landfill.

Use technology to make giving easy

There are quite a few 3rd party organisations and charity apps that help to raise funds through everyday purchases. Get your charity listed on apps like Percent or KindTraveler (and many more like them) so consumers can support your charity through purchases they are already making.

Grants for charities

Search the web to find out whether your charity could be eligible to receive grant funding from government or private organisations. Globechain is happy to help charities in their grant applications through the items collected from the reuse marketplace.

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