By now you’ve likely heard about or seen the climate protests in central London. They are definitely hard to ignore, and I suppose that’s the point.

Climate change should be an issue that’s important to all of us living on this planet, but we don’t all feel comfortable with the idea of protesting in the streets. The idea of being arrested, or worse, injured, in the midst of a protest isn’t appealing for many of us.

So how do we take action and be a part of the change, without taking to the streets?

Globechain takes a different angle to affecting climate change, by working with corporations, SMEs, charities and individuals to extend the life of items, therefore diverting waste from landfill and decreasing demand for new products. We choose to take climate action by improving the sustainability of our material world.

If protesting in the streets isn’t on your agenda, but you want to make a difference, we have a few suggestions:

Spend with sustainable companies

We will be the first to admit that finding sustainability data on corporations can be difficult, but it is becoming easier. If you love a specific brand it’s relatively easy to discover what kinds of sustainability initiatives they have in place.

You can find this information by searching terms such as “company name sustainability”, which will produce results on that company’s sustainability practices. For example, global fashion brand and Globechain users, H&M, have a great sustainability page that connects visitors to their conscious collection and explains other sustainability initiatives.

There are also third-party publications like Sustainable Brands, that feature brands that are improving their sustainability.

Make lifestyle changes

This is a really tough one, we’ll admit. We recently challenged two of our ambassadors to go without single-use plastic for a week, and it wasn’t easy, but it really brought possible lifestyle changes to light.

There are also changes to be made around how we get around. How much we use personal vehicles, choose to walk and bike more often and use public transportation. Reducing the amount of meat we consume and the amount of food we throw away in general are also small changes that add up.

Reuse, not recycle

There is a perception around recycling that it’s going to save us from all our problems. We feel great because we “recycled” something instead of sending it to landfill, but recycling often isn’t our best option. This is because it takes a lot of energy to breakdown materials for new uses.

When at all possible we should be reusing items. Everything from furniture to takeaway containers to fashion. And if an item has reached the end of it’s usefulness for you personally then reuse marketplaces like Globechain exist to get that item to someone who can reuse it.

Political awareness

Strong-arming a government into new policy by disruptive protests may not get us where we want to go, but exercising our democratic rights is still important. It’s important to keep ourselves educated on what the current policies are and carefully review climate initiatives during elections.

We admire the action being taken by activists and hope that it will continue to generate awareness and response from government bodies. There are many different paths to inciting change, and we can all be doing our part.

Globechain is focused on making reuse a larger part of global consumption, reducing the need for new products and keeping useful items out of landfills. If you want to get involved by listing or receiving items sign up here.

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