Upon doing a little research it’s become pretty apparent that the internet is absolutely obsessed with how to get FREE STUFF. Thousands of people take to search engines every month trying to get their hands on something useful without having to fork out the moola.

For example, over 1000 people a month are simply looking for free furniture in London. Can we blame them? We swear that half London’s population is students getting flats fitted for the first time or startups looking to save on office furniture where they can (don’t quote us on this though, it’s just a feeling).

Others are looking for apps and websites that will lead them to the free stuff. Tada! That’s us.

Globechain has a couple motivations for what we do. Firstly, we’re reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, working for a better planet. Secondly, we want to get free items into the hands of people who will gladly reuse them. It’s not a linear supply chain, it’s a circular one.

So what are we saying? Basically that you can feel awesome about being an eco-warrior by saving products from landfill while getting your hands on some free stuff. Does it get better than that?

By now you’re probably wondering what kinds of things you’ll find listed on Globechain. While the stock is constantly changing (because people are collecting their free stuff, obviously), we’ll show you some of the great items that have passed through our marketplace.

Chairs, chairs, chairs

Office chairs, swivel chairs, dining chairs, comfy chairs, arm chairs, baby chairs…you get the idea. We see A LOT of chairs come across the marketplace. So get yourself a chair (or 5) and feel smugly satisfied with your free chair find the next time you’re sat in one.

Tables, obviously

Peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, fish and chips, tables and chairs. They just kind of go together, so you’ll find a lot of tables listed as well.


Get to work! As we work with a lot of corporates to get their unneeded office furniture listed you’ll often find desks listed. This is a great opportunity for startups to fit their office with used furniture or for someone to set up their home office.

Plates, glassware and more

Just in case you needed something to put on top of that table and in front of those chairs. Before you know it you’ll be throwing dinner parties with all the free stuff you’ve fit your place with.

Chests of drawers

Need some drawers to keep your things? We see some of those come across the marketplace too.

Mannequins…so many mannequins

They’re not for everyone, but if you manage a charity shop or want to start a boutique you’ll find quite a few free mannequins listed on Globechain.

Construction materials

Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to come across reclaimed or surplus construction materials on the marketplace. What’s better than building something for free?

These are just some of the things you’ll find on Globechain. If getting free stuff is up your alley (how could it not be?) then we recommend signing up for a free account so you can get alerts when new items are listed. Never miss a chance to get free stuff again!

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