UN Environment recently released a report on the need for our economy to move from a ‘take, make, waste’ model to a circular one. And we couldn’t agree with them more.

They expect that the “Transition to a circular economy will create 100,000 jobs and generate more than $1 trillion for the economy” among many other benefits for our businesses and planet.

Some of the suggestions the report puts forward for the private sector are:

  • Reuse, repair, recycle, regenerate
  • Develop innovative low-carbon production methods and smart product design
  • Replace fossil-based, scarce and non-sustainable raw material with sustainable, available and renewable raw material
  • Procure with care and buy sustainable goods
  • Decrease demand for raw material by increasing efficiency of raw material use in supply chain

If you have not had a chance to view the report yet we recommend giving it a look.

Globechain is proud to support this mission of moving towards a circular economy by providing a way to reuse more and dispose of less. This keeps more tonnage out of landfill and reduces the need for raw resources.

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