As our environmental impact becomes more and more of a concern, offices and businesses are making eco-friendly choices to reduce their carbon footprint. There’s lots of helpful advice out there about how to make your business more sustainable (including our blog here!), but office relocations sometimes get overlooked – so we’ve put together our top tips to help you achieve a green office move.

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1. Repurpose as much as you can

Office moves create a lot of waste. Rather than immediately disposing of your old furniture in landfill and buying everything new – which is also expensive – try to repurpose as much as you can in your new space.

2. Put unneeded items on Globechain

List the rest of your unneeded furniture, fixtures, IT equipment and stationary on Globechain. This allows them to be reused by other organisations and extends the life of still-useful products. If you share a building with other offices, ask if they’re interested in taking anything.

3. Only bring what you need

Do a declutter before the move so that you don’t end up transporting materials and equipment you don’t need, which causes unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions.

4. Recycle paper waste

Recycle all non-sensitive documents, magazines and leaflets which you aren’t bringing with you. Make sure that there are plenty of recycling bins available for people to use while decluttering.

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5. Use sustainable packing materials

There are now plenty of reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packing materials available for you to use during your move – you can even get recyclable bubble wrap!

6. Pick the right moving company

If you’re using a moving company, choose a business which prioritises sustainability through fuel-efficient vehicles, green packing materials and efficient packing techniques.

7. Green your office clean

If you’re required to clean the office before you leave, employ a cleaning company with green credentials which uses eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning methods.

8. Choose a sustainable office building

Still thinking about where to relocate to? Make the environment a consideration as well as cost – think about where your staff and suppliers are located to minimise emissions from long commutes and consider the sustainability of the building itself, such as good insulation.

9. Do a circular refurbishment

If you’re doing a refit of your new space, use Globechain to dispose of items like light fixtures, elevators and flooring.

10. Design a green workspace

Take advantage of the opportunity to make your new office eco-friendly by using energy-efficient electricals and pre-owned furniture. Moving to a new office is also a great time to introduce green practices which allow you to incorporate sustainability into the heart of your business – find more suggestions here.

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